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When is Good Time to Hire Security for Your Company?

Corporate executives and business owners out there hold the responsibility of protecting their businesses. It includes protecting employees, assets, and even intellectual property. Since businesses have to face more crimes and threats along with time, all executives should make informed decisions on whether and how much security their companies would need. There are few important factors that they need to consider when making the decision to hire security services as well. Continue to read and we will share more details on whether you should consider hiring security services as an executive.

Assessing the Risks

Before hiring security services, you need to assess your risks. Here are some of the factors you can consider when assessing your risks.

  • Crime rates in your area

To begin with, you should look at the crime rates in your area. This is where you must take a look at all sorts of crimes, including petty theft, vandalism, and even organized retail crime. If it is a major issue in your area, you should obviously hire security services.

  • Assets at risk

Consider the impact that your business will have to go through during a security breach. It can be a breach of customer data, critical systems, or intellectual property. You should also consider the value of assets in your facility.

  • See if there are any previous incidents

Has your company experienced any security issues in the past? What was the business impact on them. You should also check whether there were any missed warning signs in past.

  • Location and facility vulnerabilities

Does any of your company locations have security weaknesses? It can be poor lighting, lack of access control, or any other similar issue.

  • Employee safety

Did you get any safety concerns from your employees in the recent past? Were there any injuries to the employees? You can also check and see if the working conditions at your workplace can put workers at the risk for workplace violence.

Take your time and carefully assess all these risks. Then you can decide what security services you need. It will help you to pick the right services provider to help you fill in the gaps in security.

Understand the cost of inadequate security measures

Most executives are hesitant to spend money on security. However, a breach can lead to consequences far more financially devastating. That’s why it is important for you to have a clear idea of the costs that you may have to bear during a security breach. Here are some of them.

  • Loss of physical assets

Lack of security measures can lead you to loss of physical assets you own. They include your business equipment, computers, machinery, and other valuable assets.

  • Fraud prevention

Businesses lose billions of dollars to insurance, payment, and benefit frauds annually. With right security measures in place, you will be able to stay away from such financial crimes.

  • Fines or non-compliance

Security lapses in your business can expose the valuable customer data you have. As a result, you will have to deal with regulatory non-compliance fees.

  • Reputation damage

Security breaches that make headlines will disrupt trust customers in your business. It can also result in the loss of shareholder confidence.

  • Lawsuits and legal fees

Victims of theft or violence on company property may go ahead and file liability lawsuits. Your business will then have to spend a lot of money on legal expenses.

  • Loss of productivity

Employees worried about safety will not be able to work for you with maximum productivity. They will even worry about recovering stolen assets after an incident. As a result, they will not be able to focus on the work they do.

Security options available to you

If corporate executives determine security is needed, next they can explore options to find the right solutions. Common security measures include:

  • Access control systems: Keycard access, biometric scans, PIN codes, and video intercoms regulate who enters facilities.
  • Alarm systems: Monitored burglary, fire, and system-failure alarms alert security providers of a breach.
  • Video surveillance: CCTV cameras inside and outside facilities monitor criminal activity and safety issues.
  • Guard services: Uniformed security officers patrol properties as a visual deterrent and first responder.
  • Premises security: Lighting, fencing, locking systems, visitor management, and secured parking areas fortify facilities against intruders.

Cultivating a Security Conscious Culture

Once you get security services, you will be able to provide peace of mind for all employees. It will also be a relief for the customers. That’s because they will be able to focus on their day-to-day work, without having to worry about the security of your business.

The security services you hire can eventually help you with building a security-conscious culture at the workplace as well. To ensure that, executives will need to clearly communicate that security is the responsibility of everyone. You can improve security awareness through new hire orientation and workplace violence prevention training.

Even though the guards are there, it is not just their duty to ensure security. This will help you to encourage the staff for alerting and reporting concerning behavior. They will also be able to escalate risks before incidents occur. This approach can make life easy for the security guards as well.

GuardHire: The Smarter Way to Hire Corporate Security

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